All OHRN webinar recordings and related resources can be accessed without an OHRN Learning account. More information is below.

Unfortunately, some webinar recordings are poor quality (when we started doing webinars online in 2016, there was a learning curve for us). The equivalent Course on OHRN Learning was developed to take the great content from these webinars, and turn it into a better learning experience.

If you are unsure about signing up, you can visit Get Started to learn more about OHRN Learning, basic troubleshooting tips, and solutions to common issues, including how to register if you don’t have access to an email address.

We encourage you to sign up for OHRN Learning so that you can track your progress, get a Certificate to recognize your learning, and be part of this harm reduction community.

Alternative Access

The most important thing to us is advancing harm reduction education, and we’re happy to provide access to our content without an OHRN Learning account.

We've set up a webpage that has links to all the original webinar recordings and downloads of resources offered at the original webinar.

Access Webinar Recordings